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Iain Mcleod is 31 years and he still landing gaps.


Iain Mcleod Photo by: Alejoh

Iain Mcleod Photo by: Alejoh

Iain Mcleod Photo by: Alejoh

Iain Mcleod Photo by: Alejoh

Iain Mcleod a name to remember.

Iain Mcleod a name to remember. Photo by Alejoh

Iain keeps amusing us with his blading skills. We all age. Thats just inevitable, but for Iain…age doesn’t matter. He stays truthful to himself. He will get a job even if he doesn’t get pay from blading. He will still be at the skatepark learning a new trick, switch-up or mastering one of the many tricks he’s got up his sleeve. He will still be skating his heart out at any competition and win in everyones eyes. He will still be skating street like is 1999. Dropping hammers, nails and screw drivers at you. He’s got gaps, impossible switch-ups, big dawg rails, stunts and also a ledge master.  Iain is like that kid in school that you hated because he knew all the answers and always got an A+ . Iain Mcleod a name to remember. A name you will never forget.





Mcloudy day

Colin Mcleod - Switch Top acid

Colin Mcleod – Switch Top acid

Second angle

Second angle


Exploring thru the cities can be very rewarding sometimes… like finding a ledge like this.

Winston Wardwell – Waxing it up!

Alejoh Candelo – Braking in the new blades

Colin Mcleod – Zero TopAcid



Last weekend Colin, Winston and I went on a mission to the Inland Empire. We met up with Hunter and Jeff Ham and went on a wild journey to find a spot to blade. The mission was pretty successful. We got some clips of Jeff Ham for the BMC Savage edit and bladed until I got scary dark.

Here are some pics from the adventure.

Colin Mcleod – Changing bearings for the next spot.

Wild journey to a skate spot.

Getting shit done!


Colin Mcleod in the hot Sun

Alejoh Candelo – HighPass

Blading at night with the new light.

Lazy Sunday with Iain Mcleod

Here are a few pics of Iain Mcleod I took last sunday. Dont forget to buy his new pro model for razors. Support the talent!

Iain Mcleod – tts foot long rail.

Iain Mcleod – Gap Wall ride (you will see the clip soon enough)


Iain Mcleod – Loading…


Stacking clips. Skating on melting concrete.

Alejoh Candelo – Hot as hell

Alejoh Candelo – Eating a Bush with shit.

Alejoh Candelo – Getting it!

Colin Mcleod – That look.

Colin Mcleod – Eating Fertilizer.

Colin Mcleod – Getting it done!


Erick Shaefer – Surviving on the miserable heat.


Erick Shaefer – Getting it done!





Today was a really hot day but Colin and I managed to get some clips on this miserable hot day.

Not need to warm up on a hot day like this. First spot.

We found this rail and we decided to give it a try.


Stay tuned for more savage posts.