Be aware of the savage in you.



Got some footage today with Iain Mcleod inner beast.

Keep you furry ears tuned.  Scoundrels….

Iain's inner beast.

Iain’s inner beast.






Why buy t-shirts?… when you can make them yourself, right!

Cutting the t-shirt

Cutting the t-shirt

Here is my mom cutting the t-shirt fabric to the shape of our savage t-shirt.

Fabric and Scissors.

Fabric and Scissors.


Cut cut cut...

Cut cut cut…

She draws the back and front of the T-shirt with chock and then contour cuts the fabric with her mega sharp scissor.


Sawing the the T-shirt together.

With a special sawing machine. She saws the back, front and sleeves of the t-shirt. I decided to go with a “savage” look by leaving the stitching exposed.



Here is the final T-shirt. Now is time to put some graphics on this canvas 🙂

We are going to make a small run of these for sale “online” so stay tuned and like this post 🙂

Stay feisty.

Savage Illustration

I came up with this drawing a while back when I was sketching ideas for the video savage. I might print this on a shirt and see how it turns out.