Be aware of the savage in you.



Last weekend Colin, Winston and I went on a mission to the Inland Empire. We met up with Hunter and Jeff Ham and went on a wild journey to find a spot to blade. The mission was pretty successful. We got some clips of Jeff Ham for the BMC Savage edit and bladed until I got scary dark.

Here are some pics from the adventure.

Colin Mcleod – Changing bearings for the next spot.

Wild journey to a skate spot.

Getting shit done!


Colin Mcleod in the hot Sun

Alejoh Candelo – HighPass

Blading at night with the new light.


Savage: Buzz Holbrook

One hot day stacking hot clips with Buzz Holbrook.

Buzz Holbrook

Transferring rails can make you scream.






Lazy Sunday with Iain Mcleod

Here are a few pics of Iain Mcleod I took last sunday. Dont forget to buy his new pro model for razors. Support the talent!

Iain Mcleod – tts foot long rail.

Iain Mcleod – Gap Wall ride (you will see the clip soon enough)


Iain Mcleod – Loading…


Today was a really hot day but Colin and I managed to get some clips on this miserable hot day.

Not need to warm up on a hot day like this. First spot.

We found this rail and we decided to give it a try.


Stay tuned for more savage posts.

Savage moment with Winston Wardwell

This past weekend Colin, Winston and I went to San Diego to get some clips and attend Celerity’s video premier. On the way to san diego we decided to take PCH and we found this drop rail. Winston decided to start the day with this big boy drop rail. After a couples of tries falling and getting cut with thorns and branches, Winston got back up and finally landed his trick.